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QuOte unQuOte

Jenny (right), puts competitors under starters orders at our 2016 Galoppen

Jenny Tennant

The last or our questionairre profiles of QO members was with Jenny Tennant back in March 2012. Jenny is one of our most senior members and has enjoyed plenty of success in orienteering, including winning the JK in 1967.

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QuOte UnQuOte

Richie (right) on a Long O with friend Adrian Edwards

Richard Hill

Richie's work in the Royal Signals prevents him from attending many club events, so let‘s find out some more about this elusive creature...

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Yvette Baker heat 2011

Holne Moor, Nov 11

At Holne Moor, Dartmoor

On their first competition on open moorland in damp conditions, all of our enthusiastic but inexperienced team put their JOG experiences to good use, and without exception all of them put in creditable runs against a strong Devon Junior presence. Lead coach Nick Fernandes reported...

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Long O weekend 2011

Cloud Farm: at the Start, 2011

The successful formula from 2010 continued with another double header over the weekend of 1 and 2 October 2011.

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QuOte UnQuOte

Mike C with Byfoot Trophy

Mike Crockett

Adrian Edward's interview of Mike from September 2011, originally published in QuOnicle 139.

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SWOA relay series 2011

Dave Holmes in action

Disaster avoided

Richard Sansbury's quick thinking saved his team from disqualification, after his missing a control out threatened to make a 200 mile round trip up to north Wiltshire count for nothing!

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Long O 1997

Dunster Forest


Looking back from the vantage point of 2011, Rosie Wych recalls the inaugaral Quantock Long O

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Long O 2010

Brian P & John K- Start & Finish

by John Went

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SW Relays series 2010

Acting club captain Mike Crockett recalls how QO had mixed fortunes in their attempt to wrestle the trophy back from Wessex in the 2011 series, despite the highs of a rare win at the Bristol relay

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Lakes 2010


Lake District 5 Days

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