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Future Events

Thu 4 Mar
Taunton - Vivary (Street Series 5)

Near: Taunton  more details...

Sat 22 May to Sun 25 Jul
Taunton West (SEGOL)

Near: Taunton  more details...

Sat 24 Jul to Sun 22 Aug
Quantocks Challenge 2021

Near: Taunton  more details...

Sat 12 Feb
Bridgwater (Street Series 2)

Near: Bridgwater  more details...

Full list of all future events

Missing Maps Project

Missing Maps

The Missing Maps Project was set up by the British and American Red Cross, Medecins Sans Frontiers, and Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team to produce maps of vulnerable areas in the developing world that can be used to support humanitarian aid and disaster relief.

Quantock Orienteers would like to encourage orienteers to help with this effort as they already have the map awareness needed. The mapping is done using OpenStreetMap, which many members will be familiar with as we use it to create the base data for our Street Series maps.

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Online JOG Planners Course

Where To Put The Kite

If you are looking to skill up during Lockdown, why not do our JOG Planners Course? It will take you through everything needed to plan and to control a Hare, Squirrel, Badger, and Fox for one of our junior activities sessions. It is also a great introduction for those wanting to go on to plan for Category D events.

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New Lockdown Challenge

Lejog Route

Can the club run Land's End to John O'Groats and back again?

This Lockdown, QO is taking on a challenge. As a club, we want to run Land’s End to John O’Groats and back again. Well, virtually, anyway. We’ll add up all your runs during daily exercise, be that a visit to a permanent orienteering course in your local area, a quick trip to the shops and back, or laps of your garden.

Update: We made it to John O'Groats on 31/1/21- less than a month to do it!

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Tier 4

From 31 December, Somerset enters Tier 4. Accordingly, we will be postponing our scheduled events. We will announce more information shortly...

For full British Orienteering rules for Tier 4 areas see

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Happy Christmas


Happy Christmas from Quantock Orienteers. Hope you got all sorts of nice orienteering-related presents.

Some families have been sending in photos of children wearing club snoods...

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JOG Spring 2021

Jog Flag

As we are now in Lockdown, we are unable to arrange events. However, we are able to provide additional permanent orienteering courses. We'll be providing them in the normal JOG courses - Hare, Squirrel, Badger, and Fox. As they become available, they will appear on our POC page.

Permanent Orienteering Courses

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Uncrossable Boundaries

Vaulting a Fence

The recent Longrun JOG threw up a point about uncrossable boundaries. As so many were caught out by this, and earned a time penalty as a result, I thought it would be sensible to highlight this. In a more serious competition, disqualification would be the likely result of an infringment.

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