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Charlie receiving his JOG badge

Charlie receiving his JOG badge

Last edited: Mon 17 Apr 2023

This section summarises what schemes and resources are available to juniors.

Junior Orienteering Group (JOG)- runs during autumn and spring terms, holding low-key weekly events aimed at juniors, families and all those looking to improve or to train.

Compete locally - in our Forest League or club champs

Badge Scheme - The badge scheme helps juniors develop the skills to improve their orienteering and progress up the course levels.

Training - training tips and videos. See, in particular, the tips for Beginners.

Read news and information on the website relating to Juniors.

Go to other clubs' events - help and familiar faces will often be there, with a growing body of members & families choosing to orienteer further afield.

Represent the club - at inter-club events (mini bus transport is often arranged) or in summer relay teams.

Challenge yourself- within the regional league or at UK-wide multi day events

Get selected: by the South West Junior Squad or for internationals. The progression is explained by Berkshire OC.

Photo Gallery

Oscar - Hare trophy winner

Oscar - Hare trophy winner

JOG badges

JOG badges