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Ham Hill


Sat 10 Feb

Near: Yeovil
Level of event: Local

Type of event: Race

The wind, rain and half term meant we had quite a low attendance but those who came got to experience the challenge of navigating through the formerly quarried areas and the surrounding iron age hillfort.


Results and Splits

The planner, Pete

The planner, Pete

Planner's comments

I am grateful to the 65 people who braved the wet and windy weather to take part in QOFL5. Rain over the last few weeks and again during the event itself turned even lesser used paths into mudstreams - even the route to the start had become challenging by the end.

From comments received it seems most people were happy with the physical and technical challenges provided by the courses. Despite the conditions, winning times were a little quicker than the last event at Ham Hill in 2015. Yellow was a little short, but Ham Hill does not lend itself to making a longer course that avoids crossing the road.

Thanks are due to all the QO helpers (listed below) and in particular to Bill Vigar for repeatedly producing updated maps in minimal time, to Angela Modica for thinking of everything and then handling it all and to Tony Hext, who did much more than the controller's jobs description suggests, and who consistently provided sound advice and support.

- Pete Akers

Tony H

Tony H
Credit: Steve Winkley

Controller's comments

What a day.....what a challenge!

The weather, the location, the change to a Saturday, the beginning of half-term seemed to conspire to reduce numbers. Well done to the sixty-six hardy souls that took part.

Jasper and Denise enjoyed the mud bath

Jasper and Denise enjoyed the mud bath
Credit: Judy Craddock

Well done also to the background staff who enabled the event to take place. Pete Akers for his excellent planning in what is a difficult area....small, compact, very detailed and hard to get the distances required for the longer courses. Angela Modica and her team of volunteers, especially the essential road crossing marshals and those who did double shifts. A lot of pre-event preparation work is necessary and I must thank Bill Vigar (mapping) and Bob Lloyd (permissions). Also Roger and Judy Craddock (IT, tea and tips)

The latest results are revised to call pairs of participants "non- competitive"(n/c) in the context that QOFL is a series of events for the individual competitor. While pairs or groups can be beneficial to people starting or even improving in the sport, they cannot expect to be competitive in an event for individuals. There is bound to be an element of coaching or helping each other which makes it a team effort.

Conditions on the terrain deteriorated as the event went on with muddy steep tracks and slopes hopefully not impeding anybody too much. There were some missed controls on a difficult day on a difficult area but I hope most felt they had had a good day out.

- Tony Hext

Organiser Angela

Organiser Angela

Organiser's comments

Despite the weather, all went to plan on the day. The time of arrival of the early shift helpers was slightly delayed to avoid ParkRun congestion. The wet weather, lack of SI trained helpers and livestock were all concerns. As a result notices were posted on the club website and on the day. These warned of the cattle (and which courses they infringed) and of the muddy/slippery/steepness of slopes, and all competitors were asked to be patient if downloading results was slow. Organising the event began late last year when Pete, Tony and I met at the venue to chat about how we were going to manage runners /competitors movements and mitigate risks. We decided to prioritise the safe flow and movements of the runners around the courses and work out how many helpers we would need to stage the event. We also chatted about competing/complementary events we could target our advertising with a ‘come and try orienteering today’ sign.

A Defiant And Determined Martin was runner-up on Light Green

A Defiant And Determined Martin was runner-up on Light Green
Credit: Judy Craddock

Designated road crossings where marshalled on the busy/fast road with signage on either side to help reduce the speed of traffic. The threat of stranger danger and junior courses (that ran along-side a car park and in close proximity to a road crossing) was addressed with the creation of a white/yellow course steward to patrol area. The terrain increased the risk of injuries so we also decided to create the role of a ‘mobile first aider’.

It was noted that the helpers were working in isolation (especially on the road crossings) and may get lonely, so keeping in contact was important. A last minute request to help from Graham Hartley, ensured the creation of a ‘mobile support helper’ who roamed between sites ensuring the helpers remained upbeat and informed.

Many, many thanks to all the helpers for all their time and energy in all essential areas of responsibility and helping to make the club event a success.

Thanks for taking the time to read,
-Angela Modica


PlannerPete Akers
ControllerTony Hext
OrganiserAngela Modica

Set up Samantha & Esme Marsonn/a
ComputersRoger Craddock & Jeff PakesJeff Pakes
RegistrationKaren Lewis & Judy CraddockJudy Craddock
Parking marshallsTony Milroy
Road crossing marshallsMartin Lewis & Chris HaslerSpencer Modica, Annabel Davis & Tony Hext
StartTom HaslerTamsin & Flora Pakes
Course marshall (for White & Yellow courses)John FisherDavid Harrison
FinishAdele ApplebyTate Modica
Safety search & control collectionn/aSteve Robertson, Pete Akers & Tony Hext

Organiser's assistant: Annabel Davies

Organiser's messenger: Graham Hartley

First aiders: Helen Taylor, Angela Modica, Judy & Roger Craddock, Chris Hasler

Mobile first aider with car: David Harrison

Forest League (QOFL) Series Info

A local event open to all, beginner or experienced orienteer, young or old and there are colour-coded courses suitable for all.

We have six of these events a year and together they form the Forest League (QOFL). The series starts in the Autumn and continues at approximately one event per month until the spring.

Link to QOFL team lists - members, please check which events you are down to help at

Directions / Parking

We are usually designated with a public car park to the south of the area, near to the start. In the event of this car park being full, an overflow carpark will be available and will be signposted.

Course Information

Course lengths and climbs, subject to final planning:

Blue6.0 km105 m
Green4.2 km95 m
Short Green3.6 km45 m
Light Green3.4 km75 m
Orange2.9 km55 m
Yellow1.4 km30 m
White1.2 km25 m

Map scale

All courses from Orange up to Blue will be at 1:5000 but White & Yellow are likely to be at an even larger scale than that

Controls used

No course uses more than 22 controls


All participants are advised to carry a whistle.

Other users / hazards

Cattle are present in the NE part of some courses (Short Green, Green & Blue).

Ground underfoot may be slippery due to wet and ice.

A Park Run is taking place before our event. Most Park Runners will have left by 10am but before this time, there is likely to be considerable car traffic departing on the same narrow access roads.

Link: Ham Hill Park Run event page

The popularity of the country park means the access roads can get busy. Please obey the instructions of the marshals at road crossings.

In the interests of the livestock in the adjoining fields, please leave gates in the position you find them.

Entry Details

Seniors - £8 (£5 for BOF/QO members)

Junior/student - £3 (£2 for BOF/QO members)
Family of Runners £16 (£10 for BOF/QO members)
Family Group - £6.
Shadowed Junior - £4.
Dibber Hire - £1

Registration form (v 2017.2) - pdf

Registration form (v 2017.2) - Word

Important: membership renewals

Please ensure you have renewed your club membership for 2018! This has an important bearing on our insurance cover for this event.

Link: join QO

Those trying the sport out are insured for their first three outings only.

Registration & Start Times

Registration from: 10:30 (for helpers: hopefully from 10.15)

Start times from: 11.00 to 13.00 (helpers can start from 10.30)

Courses close: 14:30

Terrain Description

Quarried hill top with complex contours. Adjoining steep sided wood and fields


No portaloos are provided but the following public toilets are available:

Onsite but 500m NW of the event car park / assembly, when approaching from Stoke-sub-Hamdon. Open from dawn to dusk.

  • Tip: to avoid the 1km round trip and walking through the competition area, these are best accessed by car when entering the country park and when leaving.
  • Park temporarily near the toilets, bearing in mind this car park can fill up quickly with other users (families and dog walkers) and Park Runners will be meeting for coffee at the Prince of Wales pub adjacent
  • Walking to the toilets from the event car park passes you through the competition area but the area immediately round the toilets is not embargoed!

Other toilets on the way:

  • 5 mins (2 miles) east, Cartgate Picnic area just off the A303
  • 15 mins south, Crewkerne (South Street).

Other facilities

There are a few pubs in neighbouring Stoke Sub Hamdon and one within the country park itself.


Team 2 are putting this event, with some help from members from other teams.

Please could early helpers arrive shortly after 10am, by which time many of the Park Run participants will have left the area.

Below is a draft list of duties. Expect some details to change between now and the event, so please keep an eye out for emails from Angela.

Set up Samantha & Esmen/a
ComputersRoger Craddock (incl set up) & ?Jeff Pakes & ?
RegistrationKaren Lewis Angela Modica
Parking marshallsTony Milroy & ???
Road crossing marshallsMartin Lewis & Chris HaslerSpencer Modica & Annabel Davis or Tony Hext
StartTom Hasler & Graham Hartley,
then Annabel Davis
Tamsin & Flora Pakes
Course marshall (for White & Yellow courses)John FisherDavid Harrison
FinishAdele ApplebyTate Modica
Safety search & control collectionn/aSteve Robertson & TBA on the day

First aiders: Helen L, Angela Modica, Judy & Roger Craddock, Chris Hasler

Mobile first aider with car: David Harrison

Contacts / Officials

Organiser: Angela Modica buddyinfo@

: email suffix

Planner: Pete Akers

Controller: Tony Hext

Photo Gallery

Millenium stone circle, Ham Hill

Millenium stone circle, Ham Hill
Credit: Derek Harper

Ham Hill View From

Ham Hill View From
Credit: Eugene Birchall

standing stones at Ham Hill

standing stones at Ham Hill

Important Event Information

Safety and Risk: A comprehensive risk assessment will have been carried out by the organiser, but participants take part at their own risk and are responsible for their own safety during the event. All participants must report to download whether they finish their course or not.

Privacy: when participating in our events/activities your name may appear in the results section of this website or in newspaper reports. Read our data protection page to see how we look after your personal data.

Photography: QO has an agreed policy on the taking of photographs at events, based on national guidance. This provides a sensible balance between the benefits and risks associated with the taking and use of images. If you are unsure about acceptable practice, please speak to the event organiser.

Safeguarding: QO is aware of it's responsibilities in safeguarding and child protection. To comply with The Child Safeguarding Practice Review and Relevant Agency (England) Regulations 2018, we now provide an email address for individuals to report concerns to the Lead Safeguarding Officer. This address is