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Club Night this evening

MapRun at Longrun

Myomaps Screenshots

Myomaps Screenshots

Last edited: Mon 12 Feb 2018

This evening (Thursday 20 Feb) from 18.30, there's another opportunity to try out MapRun, an app which uses GPS signals for controls. The course this time uses parkland and streets with a good path network.

Our MapRun pages


Credit: MyOMaps website


Review: our last session with MapRun

Details about the new course

Event page

Test run

Roger's already had a go and even though this is Roger's own backyard, his time was impressive! Our M75 clocked 32 mins for 4.8km, more or less the same pace he sets at ParkRun but with navigation on top. He scored 410 points of the 450 available.

Roger shows Sam how it works

Roger shows Sam how it works


  • If you can, obtain a smartphone with a GPS chip otherwise contact Roger and Judy and they will try to allocate you one
  • Be sure to charge your phone up!
  • Print a copy of the map off (here).
  • Please download the MapRun app onto the smartphone; it's found under the section "MapRun for participants in MapRunners Events (Free)"
  • NB- the MapRun app is recognised by the green M logo (above) and is preferred to the MyOMaps app
  • The basic app is free and sufficient for this exercise.
  • Load up the "Longrun-TntonCentre" event onto your app. First you need to point the app to the MapRun server (via Settings). The interface will then allow you to choose an event. Find it by selecting the MR UK folder, then MR Quantock Orienteers.
  • Your run can't start till the event has been unlocked, via a PIN code we will supply you with!

Pete and Sam with all the stuff they need

Pete and Sam with all the stuff they need

Please bring with you

  • The map (though we will also print off a limited number of weather proof ones to use)
  • A smartphone. Please ensure if has plenty of charge. The device needs to have a GPS chip, otherwise it can't "read" the virtual controls!
  • If you have an armband for your phone, so much the better. You only need to look at it to check your virtual 'punch' has registered. The club also has a limited number available to borrow.
  • Suitable footwear (over winter, Longrun has churned up on some paths and around its gates)
  • If you're intending to venture out onto Longrun in the dark, bring a headtorch, a spare, spare batteries, a whistle and a compass if you normally use one.

Jim returns from his first MapRun

Jim returns from his first MapRun

The course

Is a 45 minute 'score' course; a score means you can take the controls in any order you like. You can take longer but penalty points are deducted! The faster runners will expect to complete the course well within the time limit

The course uses the eastern half of Longrun Meadow, French Weir Park, quiet residential streets plus the west part of the town centre. The course is bounded but does not cross the busy main roads of the A38 to the south, North Street to the east and Staplegrove Road to the North.

Controls variously score you 10, 20 or 30 points, as indicated by the control number e.g. #16 scores 10 points while #23 scores 20 points.

Bagging all the controls would possibly mean a near 5 km route, but you don't need to go nearly as far as that to see the app in action.

Course excerpt- riverside route

Course excerpt- riverside route
Credit: Open O Maps

It's not a serious competitive exercise but you may want to challenge yourself. You can return to the terrain at any other time of your choosing to try it again, again to a time limit. If you don't fancy venturing out onto Longrun, you can do a short, simple loop round French Weir Park or the adjoining streets instead.

The Start is adjacent to the bridge across to Longrun, by the COACH centre.

Don't visit the Finish till you actually need to! As with any virtual control, it will register when you go within a few metres of it. Though if you still have controls left to visit, the app prompts you whether you are sure you actually want to finish.

After finishing, the app prompts as to whether you'd like to upload your results to the MapRun website to compare against others.

Please note

You are responsible for your own safety on the course and take part at your own risk.

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