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Street Series

Virtual courses run in towns in the evenings.

MapRun screenshot

MapRun screenshot

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MapRun doesn't need kites, control units or permanent course posts- just a smartphone app. And everyone's results and routes are available to view immediately after their run!

Once you get used to it, MapRun is a simple and intuitive system. However, it is well worth getting everything set up on your phone beforehand. Use our guide to getting started.


One of the big draws of our Urban After Dark series is that most people head to the pub afterwards to compare routes and generally set the world to rights.


We tend to do score courses, which means that you can visit the controls in any order, trying to get the highest score within a certain time. Usually there are two courses, short course and long course.

There is a league for each series, with a scoring system that includes an age handicap.


Depending on the area, we either use traditional urban orienteering maps or open source maps.

Club Codes of Conduct

Please make sure you read and abide by these codes of conduct. They are there for everyone's safety and enjoyment.

Parents Code of Conduct
Participants Code of Conduct

Current and Future Series

League tables, results and analysis for each season:

League / results