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JK 2010

Braunton Burrows, JK 2010


Being in Devon this JK was local to QO and therefore well attended by our members. Braunton Burrows provided high quality terrain on the north Devon coast but Cookworthy was rather muddy. There was individual success for Mike Crockett and Bill Vigar.

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A Fine Day at Fyne Court

Jim Mallinson's memory map feat

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SW Relays series 2009

Mike Crockett relives the season gone by, including being presented with the Devon relays trophy only to discover another team had won! Before the engravers had got their hands on it of course...

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JK 2009

Assembly, day3


Glorious weather blessed the North East of England during Easter 2009

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Long O 2008

08 Rich S St F

A variety of viewpoints

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SW Relays series 2008

This series of relays known as the Chairman's Challenge was again won by QO Quicksteps, with a slightly larger margin than last year, but it was very tight at the end.

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Long O 2006

Croydon Hill

Croydon Hill & Dunster

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Long O 2007

First and last bits of medium course- Chris Phillip (orange) & Jim Mallinson (pink)


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SWOA relay series 2007

2007 Wsx Relay

The first of two consecutive series wins, before the region's dominant force Wessex Raiders took over for the best part of the next decade!

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