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JK 2014

Who went?

JK 2014 banner

JK 2014 banner
Credit: BOF

Published: Wed 30 Apr 2014

Around 25 members ran in this tournament, which was comparatively near to home. Bill Vigar M75 again achieved a podium position on the individual long days.

Bronze medallist Bill Vigar

Bronze medallist Bill Vigar
Credit: Wendy Carlyle

Who went?


Bill VigarM75L3/29
Rosie WychW55L13/68
Alex KendallM21L15/39
Steve RobertsonM60L56/110
Brian PearsonM50L78/144
Tony HextM65L65/116
Sheila BraineW45L53/87
Andy RimesM50L95/144
Jeff PakesM40L35/50
Tom HaslerM12A35/50
Richie HillM35L21/31
Spencer ModicaM45L93/120
Eleanor HaslerW10A*
Brian FletcherM40L*
Mike CrockettM75L*


Julia RobertsonW60S12/30
Angela ModicaW40S16/32
Izzy ModicaW12B8/13
Luke ShoplandM14B7/11
Matthew KnipeM50S43/60
Bruce AndersonM45S*
Jim NickollsM45S*
Chris HaslerM45S*

Colour coded

Graham PearsonLight Green
Sarah Hasler

Also attending were JOG regulars the Hallet family.

* didn't compete in or complete both days