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MapRun street series




Last edited: Fri 20 Mar 2020

These exciting events run entirely off GPS signals, with your smartphone (or a hired one) recording your times and your route.

For more about MapRun, see below and on our MapRun information pages

You could try our permanent course at Longrun with a view to getting your phone set up correctly.


If you'd like to contribute an event to a future series, please contact Jeff Pakes. Please note that event files are now in the Somerset folder, as the developer's file structure reflects counties rather than individual clubs.

See each event page for more details:

Date / [Event page]AreaPlanners
4 November 2020
2 December 2020TivertonMiffy Treherne & Simon St Leger-Harris
2 January 2021TBA- somewhere in North SomersetGraham Hartley
13 February 2021Bridgwater ? Alasdair Shaw ?
4 March 2020

Amongst the possible other venues are areas of Wellington, Yeovil and Taunton.

For our permanent MapRun course, click here: Longrun POC

Longrun map excerpt

Longrun map excerpt
Credit: OOM

What's it all about?

I thought that it would be an interesting novelty event but wasn't sure about there being nothing to see at the control site. But as soon as I heard the first beep as my phone registered the start, it became strangely addictive!

- Jenny West (at our Maprun trial, 2018)

After dark, be safe & be seen with head torch, high viz & fluourescent piping

After dark, be safe & be seen with head torch, high viz & fluourescent piping
Credit: Judy Craddock

Each event is conveniently located nearby free parking. Where possible, assembly will be near a pub/ restaurant or shopping parade. Instruction will be given on how to get started, but please ensure you have prepared - see each event page and the 2019-20 series details. Newcomers, please read Getting Started.

You can start anytime between 17.00 and 19.00, meaning you choose whether you take your run in daylight or not.

Afterwards, why not stay behind to compare your routes and watch the leaderboard take shape as each runner gets back? Your route is automatically recorded on Routegadget.

To facilitate this, we try to assemble at or near pubs with WiFi signals.

Course format

With our basic "score" course, you can take the controls in any order you like. Just remember to get back within 50 minutes, or you get time penalities.

If you want a real challenge, you can try the "blocks score", where the controls are divided into two groups, which must be tackled separately. For the fit and confident!

The Night Owl trophy

The Night Owl trophy


The league will be scored on a handicap basis.

Series scoring explained here.

The winner of the Long Course league will receive our magnificent Night Owl trophy (pictured), formerly awarded to winners of our After Dark League.


This is what MapRun looks like in action. It's a little bit misleading because runners should normally carry a map. It is possible to navigate just by phone but its not recommended. You phone serves as your electronic timing device and is best worn on your arm in a holster.



Improvements to the app

A significantly new version of MapRun app has been released called MapRun F, with additional features. You are encouraged to use it so the developer can check how it is working.

It is a complete rebuild, in a new tool for Android and iOS.
It will take a few iterations to become fully mature.
You can run both versions (MapRun and MapRunF) on the one phone.
See the Release Notes here.
Please send any comments to

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Maprun Wellington

Maprun Wellington

A Trailblazing Jim makes it back

A Trailblazing Jim makes it back