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League scoring & rules

for MapRun

Last edited: Sat 18 Mar 2023

MapRun series take place in urban environments so the handicap scoring system is based on ordinary road and street running rather than on rough terrain. The method chosen for our Winter and Summer series is explained below.

Looking for results and league tables? League tables


The league is open to any member of a BOF affiliated orienteering club. Non-members are not scored.

Only individual competitors are eligible for the league, i.e. pairs, teams, 2nd runs and shadowed juniors are not scored.

Eligible competitors are automatically entered into the league - no separate registration is required.

On joining a club, league points for non-members will be recognised retrospectively but only if joining by a certain date (see individual series details).

Only runs taken on the event night qualify for the league.

Because there is a relatively small number of runners at Maprun events with a wide age range, the league is decided on a handicap basis, explained below.

Best runs to score - Each runner's best runs are scored for the league. The relevant number for any one series will be equal to half the number of races that season (e.g. 3 of 6) or if there's an odd number of fixtures, half plus one (e.g. 4 of 7).

Mishaps- the scoring of runners who for whatever reason fail to record their score and upload properly will be at the discretion of the scorer.

Planners are awarded a 'fair' score for the event they planned as compensation for not being able to run. This is equal to the average of their 'real' scores. No more than half of a runner's scores can be 'fair scores' in any one series.

Handicap system

This basis has been used with effect from the 2019/20 Winter series.

BOF handicapping is considered by the scorer to be inappropriate for an urban environment.

Handicaps have been calculated by the series scorer based on the average age group time for 8km, based on tables found online.

The tables are by Rodney A Pearson of Mississippi State University in 2005 for runners aged between 30 and 70, indexed to a 30 year-old open class runner and the Mastersathletics age-graded calculator (here).

The handicaps are as follows:

Age classMale handicapFemale handicap
18 0.96 0.86
20-0.98 0.88
21+1 0.88
30 0.990.87
35 0.960.85
40 0.930.82
45 0.890.79
50 0.850.75
55 0.82 0.70
60 0.760.66
65 0.700.61
70 0.660.57
75 0.600.50
80 0.550.45