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After dark orienteering / QOADS

Night nav

QOADs- post run

QOADs- post run

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"Night Nav" attracts a small but enthusiastic group of orienteers. There are a few leagues in the South West area. Newcomers can read our guides to getting started further below.

We now have an urban after dark series using the MapRun app.

QOADs stands for Quantock Orienteers After Dark Series and was founded by Will Kromhaut, who came up with the idea of its score course, which catered for all abilities.

Other night leagues

You can still orienteer after dark in forests in the following leagues, put on by neighbouring clubs:

Western Night League

Devon and Cornwall Night League 2018/19

Previous seasons

Roll of honour

QOADS- at the finish

QOADS- at the finish
Credit: SWinkley (SWP&Media)

League tables

The league is based on a handicap scoring system. Raw scores from individual events were adjusted according to each individual competitor's age and gender category.










Other night events (past)

QO hosted the Southern Night Champs in November 2016 - read our reviews

Heed the QOADS' warning

Heed the QOADS' warning