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​My MapRun Experiences

Roger Craddock (President)

Roger Craddock (President)

Last edited: Fri 7 May 2021

Our President shares some of his tips and tricks...

During lockdowns (and trying to keep to guidance to exercise from home) I have used the many opportunities to ‘virtual’ orienteer in Taunton, Somerset.

I use the latest version of the app MapRun6 with smartphone and either GPS or QR code punching, or a Garmin watch with GPS punching, to vary my options.

Rather than just pounding the streets I have added some incentives to keep running as part of my fitness programme:

  • Try to run a 5km course each week so to be able to return to ParkRun when it restarts.
  • Repeat previous Street Series challenges created by Quantock Orienteers – Score events finding as many controls as possible in 50 minutes in different areas of Taunton. Many of these are still online as free Permanent Orienteering Courses.
  • Testing courses set up by our Chairman in preparation for the Southern England GPS Orienteering League 2021. There are four courses varying in length from 2 to 8km. Using a special version of the MapRun app these can be started/finished at any point while I am acting as Controller.
  • Using the POC on LongRun Meadow which can be timed as colour coded line courses, using the QR code reader option on MapRun6 or, for the Red course only, on the Sporteering app. These are separate QR plates on the posts in the Country Park shown on the map available on the QO and the LongRun Meadow websites.

Garmin Watch

I find using my Garmin Venu watch is preferable to running with a smartphone. The vibration feature of the watch seems more noticeable, especially where there is local traffic to mask the sound notification on the phone. Other distractions include incoming calls, messages, fitness goals could be switched off on both, but seem less obvious on the watch. I walked a Maprun course of 4.3km in 44 mins around Bishops Hull yesterday using the watch and all the sites registered 5m from the controls on the map.

To use the Venu watch for the first time:

  1. The Garmin Connect and IQ app need to be installed on the phone.
  2. A Bluetooth connection between the phone and watch is required as shown on the IQ app.
  3. Select the MapRun6 (G?) that appears on the watch. An ID will be provided.
  4. Open the Maprup6 app on the phone and select the Options and Settings.
  5. Enter the ID where requested in the GPS Watch Mode.

Once it has been set up:

  1. Select the required course using ‘Events near me’ or ‘Select Event’
  2. Select Options and Settings and turn on the GPS Watch mode. The ID should be displayed.
  3. Back to previous page and request ‘Send Event to my Garmin Watch’. Success! should appear and follow instructions.
  4. The watch will provide a choice of activities, select MapRun6(G?). The course information should appear.
  5. The next screen should instruct that you go to the start where the start will be activated.
  6. The watch will display the time taken and time left together with the last control visited.
  7. Registration of Start/Finish and controls will be indicated on the screen of the watch, or by the vibration mode if switched on.
  8. When you return to Wi-Fi area, you will be able to select ‘current results’ which will invite you to send your results to the MapRun app, where results can be uploaded manually.

Roger Craddock (QO President)

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