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MapRun series

Summer 2018

A nice shortcut through a riverside wood by one runner at Wilton

A nice shortcut through a riverside wood by one runner at Wilton

Last edited: Sat 18 Aug 2018

Graham Hartley explains why he found Richard's summer smartphone series inspiring, even after a hot summer pounding the tarmac in a seemingly endless sequence of urban races throughout the South West...



Graham in the woods

Graham in the woods
Credit: Steve Winkley

Have you tried any of the MapRun series, yet? If not, why not? At time of writing I've done 3 of the 4, and it has been a huge pleasure.

Thank you very much to Richard who is there at the cutting edge of O technology, and inspiring the rest of us to create our own events.

He has also provided a welcome fix for those of us (certainly me) going Cold Turkey after the BOK urban series.

Which way round? The top 3 runners routes compared

Which way round? The top 3 runners routes compared
Credit: RouteGadget

It's a slightly different philosophy, doing an event at a time of your choosing rather than being constrained by standard start/finish times. To be honest, my preferred time of day for a run, or any athletic pursuit, is late afternoon (not a QOFL 11 am start!) as I find my body needs a while to wake up. Unfortunately this has not fitted very well with this summer's temperatures which have recently been peaking at around 4-5 pm.

I have always found the route planning aspect of score events a challenge, so a few events of this nature are great for practice, review and looking at the differing routes that others chose, and thereby improving your skills. I would like to share some advice that was given to me quite a few years ago by Ted: “plan your finish so if things go well you've got time to do extras, and if badly you still get back in time.” On the first event I was too committed to a circuit route, and ended up late back. On the other two, I gave myself more options in the run in, but I think they were slightly easier anyway.

I have found these events inspiring. It's a great way to get local friends to give orienteering a go at a convenient time for them, so I am hoping to offer up a few events in my neck of the woods. So who'd like to pay a visit to say Cheddar, Axbridge, Wells?

- Graham Hartley

The series / results

Date from /toVenue / Starting placeMore details
22 -28 July Wilton, Vivary Park / Vivary Park Results
29 July - 11 August Pyrland & Taunton Green / Taunton Green Results
5 - 11 August Galmington / Comeytrowe Centre-Tesco Results
12 - 19 August Blackbrook & Holway North / Master Thatcher-Tesco Results
19 August Longrun, Roughmoor & Tangier (SW Sprint Champs)
- Prologue
- Final

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