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Wanted, please!

Old smartphones

Old smartphone

Old smartphone
Credit: Asim Saleem

Last edited: Fri 16 Mar 2018

Got an old smartphone tucked away in a drawer or cupboard? Want to give it a new lease of life? The club are looking for unwanted smartphones, as long as they have GPS chips, to ensure MapRun is open to allcomers.

The phones don't have to be expensive or top of the range, by any means.

They don't need a SIM card, but need a reasonable battery life and ideally a charger. They will be loaned to MapRun users who don't have a smartphone of their own when we organise MapRun events.

For a more detailed spec, see the MyOMaps website, under Technical/ FAQs, at the top.

All suitable donations gratefully received!


Jeff Pakes or Roger & Judy Craddock (see contacts page)