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The Current Situation

Orienteering during Lockdown 2.0

Last edited: Sat 7 Nov 2020

As of writing this on the morning of 7 November, the government is allowing people to travel a short distance to do outdoor exercise. In fact, outdoor exercise is actively encouraged as long as you do it solo, with members of your household/support bubble, or as two individuals from different households.

British Orienteering has confirmed that in line with this, clubs can still put on events as long as they do not involve needing to meet up, are virtual (e.g. MapRun), and are open for at least 7 days (to reduce risk of crowding).

Luckily, most of our planned events during this time fit that description and so will continue as planned. So the Taunton - Pyrland Urban JOG this week and the Crosslands JOG next week are going ahead. The Taunton West SEGOL continues and has been extended into December.

The Longrun Meadow JOG is only 2 days long as it uses college campus, so has been rescheduled to December.

The Tiverton Street Series event will also be rescheduled, probably slipping by a week.

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