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Saunders Mountain Marathon

Howgills, Lake District

The Shirvingtons, Day 1 start

The Shirvingtons, Day 1 start
Credit: RandR PhotographyLtd

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Arising presumably fresh from their overnight camp, the Shirvingtons had a very impressive day 2, climbing 13 places to 47th of 115.

Harterfell Class- Overall results
The Modicas meanwhile climbed one place and clocked up 16.5 hours on the hills.

Kirkfell results

Day 1

Father and son double act Pete and Sam Shirvington took less than seven hours to complete their 22km long (1500m climb) "Harterfell" race, leaving them 60th of 105 overnight. Results

Angela and Spencer Modica are 30/38 having taken 9.5 hours on the 35km long "Kirkfell" race (2000m climb). Results

Saunders MM website

The Modicas finishing, Day 2

The Modicas finishing, Day 2
Credit: RandR PhotographyLtd


Angela and Spencer Modica (W45 / M50) and Pete and Sam Shirvington (M45 / M16) have signed up for the weekender at Howgill Fells on 6/7 July.

The Modicas are tackling a 56km 'advanced' course while the Shirvingtons have chosen the course aimed at newbies, a mere 41km.

The weekend has a reputation of being accessible for new entrants and those enjoying a low key event environment.

Debutants Pete and Sam have already cleared a significant hurdle - borrowing and buying some lightweight kit for less than an eye-watering sum!

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