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JK 2020

North Yorkshire

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Last edited: Thu 13 Jun 2019

Mindful next Easter's international festival is being held one of the less populated regions, the organisers are trying to address possible volunteer shortages in advance and hoping to hear from anyone who could lend their help during any of the four event days. Some QO members helped last time.

Some of you may have noticed QO members volunteering at the 2019 JK and been grateful for their efforts in contributing to a well-staged weekend.

Email sent to all club and association chairs and secretaries, on behalf of Duncan Archer, JK 2020 Coordinator

The North East Orienteering Association are very proud to be hosting the JK in 2020. However, we are well aware it is a major undertaking for any region, and particularly so for us with one of the smallest regional memberships in the country. To deliver a successful event we expect to need the majority of members in our own clubs to help out (on multiple days), but also depend on some volunteers from outside the region to offer support on a day. Please see the JK 2020 “Volunteering” page at for more details on what we are looking for. If your club is outside NEOA, but you feel you can offer us some assistance, please get in contact.

- Duncan Archer, JK 2020 coordinator (


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Contactless punching with SIAC cards

Contactless punching with SIAC cards

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