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The JK

Easter weekends

The JK

The JK
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Last edited: Sat 6 Apr 2024

The Jan Kjellstrom International Festival of Orienteering (or the JK for short) is held every year somewhere in the UK over the long Easter weekend. This year, it's in the Midlands, so relatively close by. It has proved popular with a nucleus of QO members over the years and some have had a great deal of success in it.

Although very competitive at the top end, it also has a nice social feel.


The JK consists of four days, the first being a sprint event, generally held at a university campus, the second and third days are middle and long distance events, and trophies are awarded depending on the combined time of both your runs. The fourth and final day is a relay event where teams of three enter and compete head to head, with the first runner on each category being set off at a mass start.


The JK has been for more than 50 years. It is named after a young Swedish man called Jan Kjellstrom, who played a major part in introducing orienteering to the UK. Soon after, he died in a car crash. The annual festival is held in his honour every year.

Guide- written by Berkshire OC


Take a look at some of the areas that have been used over the years via the following link, which also contains maps, routes and results:

JK Routegadget

2025YorkshireSheffield City centre (sprint)
Tankersley (middle)
Wharncliffe (long)
Wombwell (relays)
2024The MidlandsResults

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