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Gard of honour

Sue is new club champ

Finishers Chloe And Dawn

Finishers Chloe And Dawn

Last edited: Wed 5 Sep 2018

In winning Sunday's contest at Ham Hill, Sue Gard showed what an open contest our annual club champs are. Sue's is the 14th different name to be inscribed on our magnificent trophy in the last 15 years.

Photos (Dropbox)

Sue G

Sue G
Credit: Laurence Johnson

The runner up was Andy Rimes with Jim Mallinson in third. Sam Shirvington was the top junior, with Annabel Carter the leading female junior.

Our club champion's trophy

Our club champion's trophy

Ham Hill is one of our best areas as well as being a really family friendly venue. It's an ancient fort turned country park, where quarrying has left its mark to create some fiendish places to navigate through.

Standing stone at Ham Hill

Standing stone at Ham Hill
Credit: Derek Harper

With all amenities and with food and drink served afterwards on site at the pub there, the 2017 champ Brian Pearson certainly chose his venue well. The "honour" of planning the next year's event always falls to the current holder of the trophy.

Besides being used to determine our club champion, the event was open to all, so it was nice to see plenty of members of other clubs there, taking advantage of the chance to run at a technical area. Ben Chesters of Devon OC managed to visit all 33 controls but only by going two minutes over the allotted hour!

Why not compare routes with others by using Routegadget? If you tick the box to the left of each name, you will see the 'straight line' route they took between controls, even if they haven't actually drawn their route.

Link to event page

Previous champions & venues

Sue's winning route- no 10's, five 20's, two 30's and four 40's

Sue's winning route- no 10's, five 20's, two 30's and four 40's
Credit: QO routegadget

Brian gives his pre-run briefing to all, including Ben C (right)

Brian gives his pre-run briefing to all, including Ben C (right)

Old quarried areas, Ham Hill

Old quarried areas, Ham Hill
Credit: Jim Champion


Handicap scoring is used for our club champs, hence the uplift from the 320 points Sue actually scored.

Thirty one QO members took part- here's who made the top half:

Position - NamePoints
1- Sue Gard 821
n/c- Martha Macpherson + 1 770
2- Andy Rimes 743
3- Jim Mallinson 700
4- Jeff Pakes 619
5- Robert Green 581
6- Graham Hartley 544
7- Karen Lewis 544
8- Adrian Edwards 539
9- Martin Lewis 532
10- Matthew Carter 522
11- Sam Shirvington 500
n/c- Emily Macpherson + 1 479
12- Pete Shirvington 476
13- David Harrison 456
14- Christopher Denton 452
15- Thomas Hasler 440

The top female junior Annabel Carter was 18th on 419 points.

Also special mention to Martha Macpherson for a cracking run.

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