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The QuOnicle Chronicles

1998 part 2

Last edited: Sun 15 Mar 2015

In a series of articles for our newsletter, every couple of months Bill Vigar digged through the archives to find out what was happening in the world of QO 100 newsletters ago. Back then the QuOnicle was simply called ’Quantock Orienteers’ and was a single A4 page (occasionally with an A5 attachment).

Nov 1998 (no.60)

The last of a era! Arthur Vince, our editor since May 1992, is retiring from post. This is his last offering.


At the Peter Palmer Junior Team Relay held at Ashton Court in Bristol in September, five juniors running as 'Status QO' distinguished themselves by finishing second in the Small Clubs Class, behind ERYRI. Their times were:

Lap 1 Alex Demenis 4.0km Red in 30.04

Lap 2 Rachael Holmes 5.7km L. Green in 61.51

Lap 3 Ben Kenward 3.3km Orange in 27.00

Lap 4 Ruth Holmes 2.4km Yellow in 17.30

Lap 5 John Went 7.1km Green in 57.16

At the Finish they were only 17.51 down on the winners after 22.5km, Alex and Rachael ran in the dark and wet, and Ben saw the dawn. Positions after the laps were 4th, 3rd, 2nd and 3rd on the course, with a non-competitive senior team in front of them.


Decided at the Caddihoe Chase Badge event in September. 1st in W12 Ruth Holmes 1st in W35 Sue Gard (Running a class 15 year's younger than her own) 1st in M16 John West 1st in M60 Mike Crockett


After the first two events, QO members are leading three of the six classes

BLUE: John Went 1st with maximum points (2000): Brian Pearson is 2nd with 1707

GREEN: Bill Vigar 1st with 1948 points

ORANGE: Ruth Holmes 1st with 2000 points


Despite the forecast there was a sense of calm on the Friday evening. By 8:00am on Saturday the rain had started and, by the time we pulled into Tebay to register, the weather was pretty grim.

A five mile drive and then out of the car, wet weather gear on and a short walk to the start just outside the hamlet of Bowerdale. ...... Our first control was in a col at Uldale End and then on to a small lake on Archer Hill. Things were fairly wild, and Mike Crockett later told me that he was blown off his feet near this control, losing his map and breaking his glasses. His map was last seen about 10m off the ground heading north at about 30mph, fortunately both runners in the team get a map. It's not often that you have to fight your way downhill but the descent to the stream junction west of Busk Howe was only accomplished by leaning right forward as you battled your way down ......... It was one to have survived, and remember over a drink in a warm and hospitable place. John Kirby

Yes, I remember it well!


QO has not entered this annual club knock-out competition for two years because of the difficulty of arranging matches, However there is now a new structure, with one qualifying round and a final on 23rd May 1999 in the south ........... Be prepared to be asked to run, as the more that go, the better chance we have of winning: thirteen is the absolute minimum needed to give us a chance.


Advice on improving your technique and navigation will be provided at all QOFL events, Look out for the car with a notice.

September 1998 (no.59)

Another thin issue, one A4 side with full details of the Coast Path Run on the reverse. Our editor (AV) seems to be winding down and had to get Jenny Tennant to type this issue.


The forecast was for rain and high winds and so it was with some reluctance we set off for the coast early on the Saturday morning.

However the day turned out to be much better than anticipated with only a few light showers and a strong but warm wind at times. QO joined with five other teams at Ware near Lyme Regis and at 8AM the race was on. It soon became apparent that BOK's four men (sorry Alice) person team would be challenging the SW Junior squad for the honours with the others fighting for the minor placings.

Final times for the 100km 3200 metres climb were Junior Squad 7 hrs 53 mins 58 secs BOK 8 hrs 36 mins 15 secs Kerno 9 hrs 51 mins 10 secs Quantock 9 hrs 53 mins 20 secs Wessex 10 hrs 01 mins 00 secs Devon 10 hrs 04 mins 20 secs QO team Sue Gard, Bill Vigar (Managers), Margaret and Mike Crockett, Gary Tubridy, Jim Nickolls, Mark Larcombe, Brian Fletcher and Chris Philip.

Rachael Holmes was in the Junior squad.

The full details of who ran which leg, the leg details and times were on the back. It would be very useful for a future organiser if QO wanted to field a team in the future.


Jenny Tennant 3rd W65

Sue Gard 9th W50

Bill Vigar 4th M60

Mike Crockett 7th M60

July 1998 (no.58)

This issue was a bit thin, one A4 side with 'who went where' in the Club champs on the reverse.

FROM THE CHAIRMAN (selected extracts)

For many of us this year's orienteering season finished at the club championship, but for some it is never really over. A few of our keener members took part in the World Vets championship in the Czech Republic at the beginning of July. We can't claim any world champions but congratulations to all of them for taking part.

What a great evening the club championship was .... The courses were designed by last year's champion Jenny Tennant, and very challenging they were too. ..... Congratulations to Ben Kenward our new champion.

Ben also won the Forest League Yellow course in this his first year. All this years winners were awarded their trophies at the club championship by Richard and John Went, the series scorers. Many thanks to Richard and John for their hard work and congratulations to all the trophy winners.

Chris Philip


The award for the Most Meritorious Performance of the series was won by Louise Philip, third on the Green course after moving up from Light Green.


A team of five - Dave, Rachel and Ruth Holmes, Sue Gard and Bill Vigar, won the handicap event, held at Soussons on Dartmoor on 13th July. NATIONAL TOUR FOR RACHAEL. Rachel Holmes has earned a place on the BOF under 17 'A' Tour to Norway. The club has given her a grant of £67, a third of the cost. (Any junior in the club can apply for a grant if selected for a tour).

Bill Vigar

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