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Staple Hill preview

League analysis

Staple Hill (W), re-entrant

Staple Hill (W), re-entrant

Last edited: Sun 7 Apr 2019

Who's in the running for the trophies? The league tables have begun to take shape but with two QOFLs left, even those who've ran just once so far have a chance. So early pacesetters are best to keep on showing up to defend their lead!

2018/19 QOFL page including tables

Blue course: Devon OC's James

Blue course: Devon OC's James


Gavin Clegg (Bristol OK) and Pete Shirvington are 1 and 2 respectively at present. UK Top 100 orienteer Peter Ward of North Gloucester is lurking ominously in third place with two excellent runs under his belt but Fabian reveals he won't be at Staple Hill! Not far behind Peter is Devon OC's James Jackson. The best QO runners may have to settle for third place, as has been the case in recent seasons. Richard Sansbury, Andy Rimes and Brian Pearson are the 'usual suspects' in contention for a 'placing'.

Graham H- again in contention on Green

Graham H- again in contention on Green
Credit: Wendy Carlyle


The top two from the last two seasons are handily placed to slug it out again! Devon OC's Tom Perry was just pipped by Graham Hartley in 2017/18 but closed the gap to a very small number of points compared to 2016/17. Perhaps inevitably then, Tom has continued his progression and overtaken Graham this season. Tom's dad Chris is also in contention.

Elizabeth Treherne of Bristol OK is the early front runner.

Chris D, favourite to win Short Green?

Chris D, favourite to win Short Green?

Short Green

Tony Milroy leads on this course, which offers the highest level of technical difficulty. Chris Denton in second place has had stronger runs and so might be expected to overtake Tony. Bristol OK's Carol Pearce and Devon OC's Chris Virgo have a good base to challenge too.

Light Green

Sam Shirvington and North Gloucester OC's Jess Ward are the favourites to win, with two strong runs on the board each. Sam has the chance to increase his lead on Jess, with all the Wards running at the Welsh League event at Cwm Lickey on Sunday.

If Sarah Maynard can emulate her emphatic win at Culm Davy (QOFL4), she'll be in contention too.

Dawn, leader on Orange course

Dawn, leader on Orange course
Credit: Steve Rush


Wide open! Dawn Carter and Elaine Green have plenty of points in the bag so far on this, the adult beginner's course. But Tate Modica, Andrew Page and Owen Maynard have each built a decent platform for a challenge. All three need to run in the next two QOFLs though to overhaul early leader Dawn.


Some really good competition here! The pacesetter Oliver Lewis has had three very solid runs but Jacob Shirvington has improved with each QOFL and had a five minute winning margin over Oliver at the last QOFL. Annabels Carter and Lewis are just behind, with the former only a minute behind Oliver at Culm Davy, last time out.


Chloe Carter has run in all three QOFLs to day and has a commanding lead. There are three others who could catch her. Isla Margrett and Freddie Macpherson have only run once though and both need to run at both Staple Hill and Blackborough to stand a chance.

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