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Post from the President

Mike Crockett's New Year message for 2016

Mike- taking (root) stock

Mike- taking (root) stock
Credit: NGOC website

Last edited: Fri 15 Jan 2016

As announced in my last post, my battery has run down and I have retired from active competition. However at the Taunton town event someone came up and offered me access to a new battery charger, which proves that someone reads Quonicle!

For many years Quonicle has been printed by Walton Press of Glastonbury and distributed by hand usually by myself walking round a carpark before posting the remainder. I can honestly say that during that time we have never missed a deadline.

As most of you will know I am a member of a group called the BOK Army who attend Army training events on Wednesdays. I was deeply touched this week at our Christmas lunch to discover a song had been commissioned to mark my retirement (or was it celebrate) “ Goobye Michael C” sung to the tune of Candle in the Wind or Goodbye English Rose by Elton John the refrain was:

And it seemed to us you lived your life
With your dibber in your hand
Always knowing where to run to
On the firm dry land

And you would have run forever
‘Cept you thought you’re a tad too slow
Your knees just burned out long before
Your dibber lost its glow
Mike Crockett

Mike Crockett

I did point out that the Lyricist, Howard, had obviously orienteered in a country that I had missed ie “Cloud Cuckoo Land”.

I would like to thank everyone for all the hard work that has gone in during 2015 to make it a successful season. Long may it continue.

And now as 2016 is with us I close by wishing you a Very Happy and successful New Year. May you achieve all your aspirations and even if you don’t quite make all of them enjoy the experience.

Mike C

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