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Mud baths and more urban success

Round-up Sat 19th & Sun 20th November

Andrew at Oxford urban

Andrew at Oxford urban
Credit: Vikki Page

Last edited: Tue 22 Nov 2016

A muddy Kings Cliff plays host to a junior and nights double-header. Meanwhile the Page family continue their tour of southern England's shires and spires for the Oxford City race, where Andrew chases a podium place in the Southern urban league...


Saturday 19th November was the JOG at Kingcliff. Somewhat wet and windy and very muddy in places, it was good to see those that turned up enjoyed themselves. Only one more JOG session left this term. A night event followed the JOG- see the report in Results.

Oxford City Race

In slightly more well-appointed surroundings and a little further afield was the Oxford City Race, part of both the UK Urban League and the SEOUL Urban League. Andrew Page competed in the MYJ class and came 3rd, a small error at control 7 costing him the victory. However that excellent 3rd place means Andrew ends up 5th in the UK Urban League. In the South of England Orienteering Urban League, even with one race to go, Andrew will be second. Both are fantastic achievements – very well done Andrew.

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