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Oli Rant Mountain

Oli Rant Mountain

Last edited: Sat 28 Sep 2019

A warm welcome to Ollie Rant, who joins us having sampled several JOG training sessions this season and last.

Membership secretary Judy Craddock said "It's great to have Ollie on board, our first M21 for a long time."

Judy is pleased for obvious reason - just take a look at the results from the weekend just gone from the national event on Dartmoor. There was no one in the prime age group of males (ages between 20 and 35) from any South West open club. OROX of the University of Exeter provided a single entry.

Thank you to Ollie for writing a few words about himself...

I used to run long distance on both the road and trails competitively whilst at university. However, a very bad case of tendonitis in my third year put me out of running completely.

After two years and a lot of physio, I am now able to run some shorter distances. In the rest of my free time, I enjoy visiting new places and I go out hiking and scrambling, as well as road cycling and mountain biking as much as I can.

I did a little orienteering at university and wanted to continue now that I have moved home, but my previous job had me working every weekend. I now work for the Environment Agency, where a big part of my job involves map creation.

I've really enjoyed the events so far. I'm looking forward to being a QO member meeting lots of like-minded people at future events.

- Ollie Rant

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