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Maps for juniors

Clarity praised

Mike with grandson and large-scale yellow map

Mike with grandson and large-scale yellow map
Credit: Jim Pearson

Last edited: Tue 27 Nov 2018

An experienced member of another club who's been a regular at our Forest League events over many years has praised the club for providing clear, large scale maps for juniors. Surprisingly, it appears 'going large' isn't always the norm elsewhere.

Mike Kite writes...

Thank you for a lovely event at Ashley Combe today. I notice you blatantly disregarded BOF rules on scales for Junior courses. Well done - It was an absolute pleasure to point out navigation features on a 1:5000 map! Recent experience of trying to encourage & explain things on 1:10000, where White is a cluster of closely grouped circles in a corner of the map and Yellow's not much better, has driven me mad. The larger scale is a huge bonus. It's such a pity when closely packed fine detail actually gets in the way of youngsters enjoying success.

- Mike Kite (Wimborne OC)

Mike also edits Wimborne OC's online newsletter Waffle, which the QO website regularly refers and links to.

Regulars at JOG of course will be familiar with our large scale maps. At The Spinney session in Autumn 2018, we used a 1:1250 scale map and we always attempt to make the course fill the entire A4 sheet.

JOG's Judy Craddock said: "Comments please, from those involved with encouraging young children to orienteer!"

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