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Latest Planning Videos Released



Last edited: Thu 4 Jun 2020

We have just produced a series of videos to help planners produce GPS-punched (aka virtual) orienteering courses. It is likely that this kind of event will be the first to be allowed to restart as we work our way out of lockdown.

In the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic, we will be making even more use of virtual courses. They are contactless, requiring no punching or dibbing of physical controls or download.

MapRun is our favoured app, as we have used it extensively for our urban after-dark series. It includes the facility for controllers and planners assistants to test that everything is working properly before the course is released. There is a benefit over physical courses in that this can be done weeks in advance!

To help people planning courses for this, we have produced some training resources. They focus on producing the files needed for an event - the actual uploading would still be done by one of our MapRun admins.