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Broomfield Hill JOG

Chewing it over

Chewing it over
Credit: Jim Pearson

Last edited: Mon 22 Oct 2018

It was the first time we have had a “long leg” map memory for the Fox course and it proved quite challenging! As well as a lot of our regular JOGgers we welcomed three new families along to enjoy Chris Hasler’s courses.

It was a busy week for the Hasler family as Capt’n Chris was organising the Compass Sport Trophy Team the following day, ably helped by Tom.

We are always a little wary of the cattle that graze the open area at the top of Broomfield Hill and we would like to thank Bob Lloyd who kindly tried to monitor them for the younger runners.

We were certainly lucky to have such sunny and superb October weather.

Assembly, Broomfield JOG

Assembly, Broomfield JOG
Credit: Jim Pearson

Here is a link to a few photos:

Photos (Dropbox)

- Judy Craddock

Next up

After four events in a row up on the Quantocks blessed with beautiful weather, we descend into an urban environment just as it begins to turn a tad chilly. The intricate grounds of Queens College will present a nice contrast to Broomfield for our next navigational challenge this coming Saturday.

JOG programme- Autumn 2018

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