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Events round-up

Weekend of 8/9 April

Ben (red) vs Kit (blue): time apart, in fractions of a minute

Ben (red) vs Kit (blue): time apart, in fractions of a minute
Credit: Kerno Splitsbrowser

Last edited: Mon 10 Apr 2017

The panoramic parkland of Trelissick in Cornwalland the steep hillside of Painswick Beacon in North Gloucester were good options for orienteers locally in the weekend just gone. There was a very close contest at the Trelissick event....

On Sunday 9th, Kerno hosted an event at Trelissick, which Brian Fletcher attended, coming second on the Blue course, clocking in at just over the hour. For the first two legs of the course he was in the lead, getting the fasted time for each leg and also getting the fastest time for the 4th and 22nd legs, although this wasn’t enough to put him in the lead. Overall a good performance by Brian.

Tom Hasler

At the same event, there was yet another close tussle between Ben Chesters and the older Grierson brothers, Kit and Grey. We've already seen how closely matched Devon OC's near-elite trio have become recently, with Ben being edged into 3rd place by two seconds on the Blue by Grey and Kit winning by less than a minute on our New Years' Day QOFL at Kingcliff. Pictured is a graph from Splitsbrowser, showing how Sunday's top two were never more than a minute apart during the entire race.

Jeff Pakes

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