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Dartmoor event cancelled

Holne Moor

Holne Moor Snow

Holne Moor Snow
Credit: Devon OC Facebook

Last edited: Sun 10 Dec 2017

Devon OC reported early on the morning of the event: "The organising team have reluctantly decided to cancel today's event due to the dangerously high winds this morning." For more, see Devon OC's Facebook page.

Similarly to our St Audries event in late October, which was cancelled for the same reason, the moor was apparently looking really good the day before the event (see picture) but things deteriorated.

New Forest event

Pete Akers headed east to Southampton OC's race at Island Thorns on Sunday and beat the weather! On his favoured New Forest terrain, he got round the Green course in a little over an hour and a quarter.


Indoor orienteering?

Maybe with the moors being so miserable and windy what we need is an indoor race...that's what they have in Scandanavia (where else?). Is the COACH building big enough? OK, probably not. This story was picked up from the BOF news feed, which appears on the Archive page of this website.

Indoor orienteering competition in Sweden

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