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Si Timing Software

Si Timing Software

Last edited: Mon 1 Jul 2019

Did you know that you can install our SportsIdent timing software on your own device? Maybe you have a copy already.

Those interested will need a new licence key, as we've just renewed for another five years of SiTiming software, as SI manager Andy Rimes explains.

SI timing and Autodownload licensing

Our club electronic timing software license subscription has recently expired and been renewed for the next five years across our club computers. Several club-members have copies of the software on their own home computers which will now not function until updated.

To prevent publicly disclosing the license, will any club member who wants details of the new license to renew their own copy, or set up a new one email me for details on:

I will reply by return with the necessary details.

- Andy Rimes

SI Manager


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SportsIdent punching

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