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Forest Challenge!

O Game

O Game

Last edited: Tue 31 Oct 2017

Now the weather's turning, fancy winning a race without having to leave your armchair? Or planning a course without having to make a field visit? Then read on to learn more about an 'O' board game, re-released for Christmas.

The game's inventor Alan Brown said:

Forest Challenge! is an exciting board game where even the most “average” orienteer can beat that fit M21 or W21 on a Blue, Brown or even Black course. Saturday evenings will never be the same again as you strive to relive the triumphs and disasters of those afternoons spent in the Forest.

The North Gloucester OC man's game was first produced a few years back but with many entering the sport since, Alan may well have gained a new market.

What's in the box

The game, for two to six players, includes everything you need – laminated map, kites, punch cards, “Control” cards, “Advantage” cards, instructions, dice, tokens etc.

General idea of the game

  • Design a different course each time you play by using the moveable control stickers
  • The map sections can be fitted together in different combinations for more variety
  • Choose score or line orienteering
  • Add even more variety by drawing your favourite terrain on the blank map grids supplied

Each player takes it in turn to throw the dice and move his token between controls, choosing his own route as in real orienteering. On reaching a control a player takes a Control card and follows its instructions.

During the game players can use their Advantage cards in conjunction with their dice throw to help them get ahead of, or catch up, other players. The winner is the first player to reach the finish line.

The use of moveable control stickers means that you can run a different course every game!

More information / placing an order

Email Alan Brown for further information at

Cost of the game is £11-00 (including postage) from:

Alan Brown, 10 Brizen Lane, Cheltenham, GL53 0NG

Cheques payable to NGOC (or pay by PayPal or bank transfer)

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