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Win for Ollie

Haldon Hill

Jeff overshoots #11 in the bracken

Jeff overshoots #11 in the bracken
Credit: Devon OC Routegadget

Last edited: Sun 24 Jun 2018

The mercury may be rising - along with the bracken- but Devon OC can always be relied upon to put on a 'proper' forest event in mid summer. Eight members went to the action adventure park west of Exeter.


Oliver won the Yellow course by a full five minutes. Ollie's sisters Annabelle and Izzy also had excellent runs, Annabelle being 5th out of 19 on Yellow and Izzy runner-up on Orange. The latter by just two seconds!

Veterans Tony Hext and Bill Vigar both achieved third places. Tony beat off several very capable local runners on Green. On the Short Green course, Bill was just five minutes behind the winner, who was a quarter of century his junior.

Having turned up shortly before the Start closed, Jeff Pakes ran out of time on Brown. He retired with a third of the course still to go having clocked up 8.8km on an 8km course and made up for lost running time by doing some control collection afterwards.

It was good to see Sue Gard back in the forest today, albeit not running a course yet.

How did Ollie celebrate his win then? Well, Devon OC certainly got good value out of QO today- he too helped - handing out registration slips in the car park. Well done to Ollie.

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