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Mapped Areas

All the areas we have mapped for orienteering. Select a flag to show its details, or select a map name from the dropdown menu below the map to highlight its location.

Note: Possession or existence of a map does not imply right of access for orienteering or for any other purpose. Permission must be obtained from the landowner.

Map name Near Terrain Scale
Aisholt Common Aisholt Mixed: mainly semi-open with scattered trees 1:10000
Ash Priors Bishops Lydeard Wood and open 1:2500
Ashley Combe & Great Bear Nether Stowey Wood and semi-open 1:10000
Blackborough North Blackborough Plateau with wood and semi-open 1:7500
Blackborough South Blackborough Plateau with wood and open 1:7500
Blackbrook & Holway North Taunton Urban and parkland 1:5000
Broomfield Hill Bridgwater Semi-open and wood 1:5000
Buckland Wood & Quants Wellington Wood 1:7500
Castle Neroche Staple Fitzpaine Wood with complex contours 1:7500
Castle School, BAT College & environs Taunton College grounds & urban 1:5000
Cockercombe Aisholt Steep coniferous woodland with clearings 1:10,000
Cothelstone Hill Kingston St Mary Open hilltop with wooded slopes 1:7500
Crowcombe Heathfield & Rexton Gorse Taunton Wood and semi-open 1:10000
Croydon Hill Dunster Wood 1:10000
Croydon Hill Deer Park Dunster Mixed open and woodland 1:10000
Culm Davy & Culmstock Beacon Wellington Wood and semi-open hill top 1:7500
Dartmoor North Belstone, Dartmoor Open moorland 1:25000
Doone Country Malmsmead Open moorland with some partially wooded valleys 1:20000
Dunkery & Wilmersham Exford Open moorland and hilltop 1:20000 tbc
Exmoor South Simonsbath Open moorland 1:20000 tbc
French Weir Park to Goodland Gardens Taunton Riverside parkland & streets 1:3,000
Fyne Court & Broomfield Common Kingston St Mary Landscaped parkland and woods 1:5000
Galmington & Comeytrowe Taunton Residential streets & parkland on the favoured South West side of Taunton. 1:7,500
Great Bear Deciduous Forest, ascending to Dowsborough Fort 1:10000
Great Breach Wood & Combe Hill Street Wood and open hill side 1:7500
Great Headon & Wootton Common Minehead Wood 1:15000
Ham Hill Yeovil Quarried parkland 1:5000
Hart Hill & Florey Down Nether Stowey Wood 1:10000
Henlade Woods Taunton Hilltop wood with open parkland 1:3000
Holway & Blackbrook Taunton Urban and parkland 1:5000
Horner Wood Porlock Wood 1:20000
Huish Woods Taunton Wood 1:2500
Kings Cliff North Petherton Wood 1:7500
King's College & environs Taunton College grounds 1:4000
King's Hall Taunton College grounds 1:3000
Ladies Wood Nether Stowey Wood 1:15000
Longrun Meadow Taunton Mixed open parkland 1:5000
Lydeard Hill Nether Stowey Open moorland with wood 1:5000
Malmsmead Hill & Brendon Common Malmsmead Open moorland 1:20000
Netherclay Woods Taunton Park and wood 1:2000
Ninesprings Yeovil Wood and parkland 1:3000
Norton Manor Camp Taunton Wood and campus TBA
Orchard Portman Taunton Wood 1:5000
Pinkery Simonsbath, Exmoor Open moorland 1:20000
Priors Park Taunton Wood with complex contours 1:7500
Pyrland & Taunton Green Taunton Urban and parkland 1:5000
Queens College & Comeytrowe Taunton College grounds & urban 1:5000
Quantock West (incl St Audries) West Quantoxhead Open moorland with wood 1:20000
Ramscombe Nether Stowey Wood 1:10000
Roughmoor & Silk Mills Nature Reserve Taunton Mixed open and woodland 1:5000
St Audries & West Quantoxhead West Quantoxhead Open moorland with wooded coombes 1:10000
The Spinney Kingston St Mary Small wood and ornamental gardens 1:1250
Staple Common Staple Fitzpaine Semi-open and wood 1:7500
Staple Hill Staple Fitzpaine Semi-open and wood 1:7500
Taunton North Taunton Urban with parkland 1:7500
Taunton School Taunton College grounds 1:2500
Thurlbear Wood Taunton Wood 1:5000
Tiverton Tiverton Urban 1:7500
Triscombe Stone Nether Stowey Open moorland with wood 1:10000
Twenty Acre Plantation Cothelstone Wood with some rough open 1:5000
Wilton, Vivary Park Taunton Park, residential streets & fields 1:5000
Wellington East Wellington Urban 1:5000
Wellington School Wellington College grounds 1:2000
Wilmot's Pool Crowcombe nr Taunton Open moorland 1:5000
Wind Down Bridgwater Wood 1:5000
Willett Hill Wivlescombe Wood 1:5000
Yeovil Abbey Manor Yeovil Urban 1:5000
Yeovil Lyde Yeovil Urban 1:5,000
Young Wood Taunton Wood 1:7500