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Training within QO

Training at Quants

Training at Quants

Last edited: Thu 2 Apr 2020

What opportunities does our club offer to help members improve and progress through organised training?

See our events listing for more details about the following.

From Autumn through to Spring we have:

JOG - on successive Saturday afternoons, we run our ever popular JOG sessions for juniors, improvers and established orienteers.

The training exercises for adults and older juniors are detailed here.

Skilling up

Skilling up

Schemes & resources

Buddy scheme

We try where possible to pair people up who can help each other or allow those with relatively high skills, confidence and experience to pass those things on. Scheme contact: Angela Modica.

"Skilling Up" training articles

Richard Sansbury 30-part series is highly recommended for those looking to improve at Orange level or above.

Other training materials

Map symbols - one page guide (by Maprunner, updated for ISOM 2017)

Control descriptions - one page guide (by Maprunner)

Control description recognition by Tom Hasler Quiz (click here) Answers (click here)

Photo-O challenge by Steve Robertson