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Skilling up

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Lost Compass

Lost Compass

Last edited: Thu 2 Apr 2020

Members might remember many of the articles in our training section from our now defunct newsletter, the QuOnicle. They were written by QO's Richard Sansbury as part of his Skilling Up series that has since been given a second life online.

Richard S, Forest of Dean '15

Richard S, Forest of Dean '15
Credit: Mark Lockett

The intro to the original series...

You can either learn from your own mistakes...or from mine! I've made a lot of navigational errors while writing this series of articles. So I'm wondering whether I should be writing this column or reading it. Though maybe its easier to learn from someone who knows what they get wrong? I hope this helps improve your orienteering skills and in turn increases your enjoyment. It is frustrating when your run is affected by mistakes, but very satisfying to complete a course without error.

Richard Sansbury