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Training exercises

at JOG (Fox course)

Doughnuts O Training Net 300

Doughnuts O Training Net 300

Last edited: Tue 31 Mar 2020

The Fox course is a training exercise for seniors and juniors from those who are on the verge of trying Light Green at senior events and upwards. Depending on how much of a challenge you want to give your runners, there are all sorts of imaginative possibilities.

If you're short on time, a simple linear course, a score course or asking the map producer to remove paths from the map are straightforward options.


Many of these ideas are explained in more detail on the O-training net website.

Click on the course type in the first column for a further explanation.

A list of those who've already tried the format out at JOG is provided, so you can compare notes.

Type of course/ explanationBrieflyAs used by/ where
Score courseUsing most of the existing controls and introducing two or three more difficult ones(commonly used)
Score with two loopsTwo sets of controls, marked red and blue on the map. One set to be tackled after the other.Andrew Page, Queen's College
No pathsAll paths are removed from the mapJeff Pakes, Thurlbear
Map memoryRunners memorise each successive leg (or even a string of legs), as shown on laminated mini-maps attached to their latest controlChris Philip, Henlade Hill
Doughnuts or WindowsAttack point identification Area immediately around the control circle is whited out
Mike Andersen, Willett Hill
Large parts of the map are whited out!Steve Robertson, Lydeard Hill
Only a narrow strip (corridor) of map is shown between controlsJeff Pakes, Wind Down
Decoy controls are placed near the 'real' control to confuse youMike Crockett, Neroche
Abstract (tube map)Map is a rough representation of the line features and not to scale - exactly like a London Underground map
Link to article
Tom Hasler, Young Wood
Virtual course, enabled by GPS and smartphones. For urban and open area only.Club Night, Longrun Meadow
No control numbersThey're shown on control description the (CD) list but not on the map. So runners need to match each CD to the map to work out the order Andrew Page, B&T College
No map No map is provided, just a list of bearings and distances between controlsRob Green, Broomfield Hill
Standard linear course
Of roughly TD4* standard(commonly used)

You don't have to be a technical wizard to set up some of the fancy graphics as seen in Doughnuts or Corridor. Ask Jim Mallinson or Bill Vigar to create the effect in their software when you send over your Purple Pen file to them.

* technical difficulty level 4, i.e. Light Green