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Control descriptions

Are you in 'control' - or 'slip'-ing up?

Control Descriptions8

Control Descriptions8

Last edited: Wed 20 Sep 2017

What to do with those loose slips of paper available at registration or start? Or do you rely on those printed on the map? OK until you start folding the map...

And do you know what they mean and where to look them up?

At every event the club provides control description slips for those that want them. If you fold your map (see tip #5 Fold the Map), then you will probably not be able to see the control descriptions on the map, so the loose slips enable you to fold the map and still see control descriptions.

But there are two snags...

Firstly, you need some way of holding the slip. If you do not own a holder you will lose it and it is a shame to litter the forest with them, especially as our slips are printed on waterproof paper. The usual thing is to have a wrist holder, so you can refer to it as easily as looking at your watch (see picture on page 12). You can buy them online, or at larger events you can sometimes find a trader selling these holders.

Secondly, the slips are written in a picture language, and you have to get used to the code. There are several crib-sheets available to show you how to decipher them, but it is not as complicated as it may at first look. However, even if you don't know how to read the code, having a list of the control numbers is better than nothing.

Richard Sansbury

  • Skilling Up- Hints and Tips for Improvement #7, from QuOnicle 154, March 2014