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YBT record, 2009-16

Last edited: Sat 29 Dec 2018

Most of the following reports relate to the regional heats, although in both 2016 and 2014 we hit the road to compete in the national final!

2017 qualifier, at the ancient Wiltshire forest of Savernake

2017 qualifier, at the ancient Wiltshire forest of Savernake

2017 heat- Savernake Forest, Wiltshire

1Bristol (BOK)892
2Quantock (QO)890
3Wimborne (WIM)490

Results etc

Our squad at the 2016 final

Our squad at the 2016 final

Minibus to the 2016 final

Minibus to the 2016 final

2016 final - Wormley Woods, Herts

Our juniors did themselves proud in the South East, mixing it with some of the best clubs in the land, including winners Bristol, South Yorkshire, and Octavian Droobers from the midlands. Once again Captain Chris Hasler gave our colts a taste of the big time, ferrying the squad over in a minibus. We beat Cleveland & North Yorks club CLOK and almost overhauled Derbyshire's Derwent Valley Orienteers.

Results and reports from Happy Herts' website

A happy outcome!

A happy outcome!

2016 heat - Black Down, Mendips

2Bristol (BOK)889
3Quantock (QO)861

The star performers were the girls in a tough contest with last year's national winners Devon and hosts and bronze medalists BOK. Heather Green (Orange) and Eleanor Hasler (Yellow) won the female classes while Adriana Lapinska was 2nd girl on Orange and Evelyn Maynard 5th girl on Yellow. In the end, everyone was a winner. By virtue of being so successful last year, Devon and BOK qualified for the final automatically, meaning QO grabbed a spot in the final as the top placed other team (1st out of 1!).

April 2016

Results & reports from BOK website

2015- Rushmore, Dorset

1Bristol (BOK)895
3Wimborne (WIM)834
4Quantock (QO)748

An incomplete junior team battled hard and earned a very respectable score behind the mighty teams from Devon and Bristol (winners and runners up respectively at last year’s national finals), and not far behind the local team of Wimborne, whom they outscored on a points per person basis. Captain Chris Hasler said "A tremendous result, with many first-time competitors alongside the more experienced juniors. An idyllic run in a sunlit forest!"

Heather Green (Orange) and Lucy Bussell (Yellow) both finished 3rd on their courses. Devon went on to retain the national trophy with BOK finishing 3rd.

Results from Wessex website

2014 final - Capite Wood, W. Sussex

We were invited to the final and although we lacked numbers we were rewarded with some fine individual performances. Results on BOF website

Mutters Moor, 2014

Mutters Moor, 2014
Credit: Adrian Weavin

2014 heat: Mutters Moor near Sidmouth, Devon

A small victory- we mustered a team for the heat at Mutters Moor. Only hosts Devon could say the same. They ran out comfortable winners. Results & reports from Devon website

In previous years...

Raising a team for the regional heats proved a challenge but these run-outs gave some juniors some valuable experience of competing outside our own area.

2013- Ashley Coombe, Quantocks

QO hosted the event on some of our best terrain, Ashley Combe & Rectory Wood. There was just two points in it between winners BOK and runners up Devon, with QO, with just five scorers, a distant 3rd.

Results and reports

2011- Holne Moor, Dartmoor

A big test for the first wave of youngsters from the first three years of JOG. All completed their courses, no mean feat on terrain that provided a marked step up in technical difficulty most of QO's areas.


Results and reports from Devon website

2009- Castle Neroche, Blackdowns

Hosts QO created an upset of the type favoured by Hollywood feelgood films, where the big guys appear to beat the plucky underdog, who then eventually triumph after an improbable series of plot twists.

Regional giants BOK, the only other entrants at the heat, were expected to win at a canter. Though the original results saw us run them close, the routine BOK win materialised. Sadly for us, this was despite BOK not achieving the full seven scores each team was allowed. Enter stage right scorer Jeff Butt, an absentee on the day, but a big presence in the email trains thereafter. He pointed to an obscure technicality which suddenly made one of our M16s competitive, referencing clauses which could have tied the tongue of the slickest corporate lawyer.

But there were to be no further fairy tales. The cobbled together team of heroes never competed together again. We declined our place in the final near Crawley, letting BOK take our place.

1Quantock (QO)691
2Bristol (BOK)598

Jeff Pakes, January 2017