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Last edited: Sat 29 Dec 2018

See which course you would normally run at the trophy in the table below.

Courses are allocated by age / gender categories, in blocks.

Course details

1BrownMen open
Short BrownM20- M40+
Blue - womenWomen open
4Blue - menM50+
5Green - womenW20- W45+
6Green - menM60+
7Short green - veteransM70+ W60+
8AGreen - junior menMen 18-
8BShort Green- junior womenWomen 18-
9AOrange - menMen 14-
9BOrange- womenWomen 14-


Basically, the top 13 results from our top two scorers in each class count to our overall result. It is slightly more complex in the junior classes, where the boys and girls are scored separately but then Classes 8A & B are combined, and similarly 9A & B, and the top two taken from the combined A & B class.

You can the rules here (2018 version).

Stepping up a class

You may have noticed that many of our members will run a class or two higher up than they would normally run. It can be slightly daunting but add to the fun and it has led to some interesting results - often very good - and experiences over the years. Hopefully this spirit is conveyed by Adrian Edwards intro in his article from the QuOnicle magazine of March 2014... (pp 17-20)

Brown. The colour of mud, the colour of the course I had to run at the Compass Sport Cup regional qualifier, and the colour of my underpants each time I thought of this. I’d never run a brown course before, and my only previous experience of orienteering in the Haytor area of Dartmoor was characterised by mist so thick you could hardly see your compass! Still, once I’d reminded myself that the area was enclosed by roads and a river and that civilisation was never far away I reasoned that the only thing likely to get seriously lost was my last vestiges of pride.

Footnote: Far from disgracing himself, Adrian acquitted himself well.

In 2016 at the Cannop Ponds heat in the Forest Of Dean, Sarah Hasler stepped up two levels to run the women's Green course and in a technical area on a much harder course, finished above some seasoned QO campaigners.

Jeff Pakes