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Printing Your Own Map

Map with Start

Map with Start

Last edited: Mon 8 Jun 2020

At normal events, maps are professionally printed to ensure high quality. Here we have some suggestions on how you can do the best possible job at home.


The best paper to use is waterproof paper. Not only is it waterproof, but it takes a good colour and is very robust. This means it is unlikely to tear and mud can be wiped off easily. You can get it for home inkjet printers from lots of places, including home delivery. One example that I know works well is available from Amazon.

If you don't want to splash out on waterproof paper, we'd recommend you put your map inside a polypocket to protect it.

Printer Settings

Scale is very important on maps. It allows you to judge distance. Make sure you set your printer to 'Actual Size' or '100%' instead of 'Fit to Page'. Most will default to 'Actual Size' anyway.

You can get all clever fiddling with colours and paper types, but I find it works fine if I leave all those settings alone.