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Condition report

of Permanent courses

Poc Post

Poc Post

Last edited: Sun 6 Oct 2019

This page documents the latest known condition of each course! It relies on everyone's cooperation to ensure the courses stay runnable.

Most of these courses were developed in collaboration with other parties and hence the club does not have full control over the courses' upkeep.

Therefore, the only ways we can help to ensure the courses are maintained is:

  • for those using them to check them at regular intervals
  • monitors who have been assigned to each course checking them

Any changes should be reported to either:

  • the course owner
  • the POC monitor for each area in person- Jeff Pakes (see contacts page) can forward your messages to them

Using the Combe Hill POC, nr Street

Using the Combe Hill POC, nr Street

Coombe Hill Wood

Due to forestry work commencing week beginning 7 October 2019 the majority of the Combe Hill Wood permanent course will be closed, Mike Crockett reports. The White course will still be available though.

- October 2019


Course guardian Pete Akers reports that the map is very out-of-date. All but experienced orienteers should avoid using this course, until further notice. It is understood that the map is being updated.

- September 2019

Longrun Meadow

Control stake with QR barcode from control R (number
18) north site of fence corner repaired. Test run since. No problems encountered.

- April 2019

Fyne Court

Jim Mallinson has completed the map, which is now available to download, and John Fisher has checked the course and is taking responsibility for it. - Roger Craddock, September 2017

Vivary Park

The map has not been updated for a number of years but has not needed any amendments.

- Mark Maynard, March 2017

Dunster Forest

The Crown Estate is currently in the process of selling its interests in Dunster. As such the forestry office has been closed and the website shut down and so any map packs they may have had previously are no longer available.

- Crown Estate customer service dept, March 2017

Wimbleball Lake


We visited each control.

5wrongly located. Too near the nearest gate (to the north), only 24 of my paces instead of about 35 and in the Trees rather than on the edge. The post looked well established though. Where the control should have been is quite obvious.
10punch not attached to post
11instructions missing
16not numbered, no instructions, just post and punch.
17instructions missing


Packs still for sale at the café.

Still good. A largish, obviously newer than the map, footpath exists going north from the bridge just south of 15, along the fence to a large and new "High Ropes" type of activity. It doesn't make finding any of the controls in that area harder though.

- Steve Elliston, June 2015


Control points 1 to 8 are fine.

- Mike Andersen, May 2015

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