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Index of events

Long O's, by year

Larkbarrow, Exmoor

Larkbarrow, Exmoor
Credit: Dave Sellars

Last edited: Sat 6 Oct 2018

Results, Routegadget links and articles about our Long-O's

2018(no event)
2017Doone Country
ExmoorResults Article
2016Cosdon Hill
Dartmoor (N)Results Article Routegadget
2015Malmsmead Hill & Brendon Common

Merrivale to Peter TavyDartmoorResults Article Routegadget
2013Horner Woods & DunkeryExmoor (E)Results Article
Exmoor (C)Results Article Routegadget
2011Doone Valley
Exmoor (E)Results Articles Routegadget
2010from RamscombeQuantocksResults Article Routegadget
2009Exmoor South
Exmoor (S)Results Article Routegadget Overall
2008Dunkery Hill
Exmoor (E)Articles Routegadget
2007PinkeryExmoor (C)Article Routegadget
2006Croydon Hill from CarhamptonDunsterResults Article
2005Priors Park to NerocheBlackdownsResults Article
2004from HolfordQuantocks
2003from BicknollerQuantocks
2002Dunster Forest?Dunster
2001(no event: Foot & Mouth)
2000from Holford
1999from Holford
1998from HolfordQuantocks
1997Gt Headon & Dunster ForestDunsterArticle
2013: Horner Woods & Dunkery Hill

2013: Horner Woods & Dunkery Hill
Credit: Daniel Coomber Flikr

2014: Burrator Reservoir & Crazywell

2014: Burrator Reservoir & Crazywell
Credit: AJ Cann

Score event

2018(no event)
2017from Wilmot's PoolQuantocks WResults Article
2016Belstone CommonDartmoorResults
2015Quantock Forest NorthQuantocksResults
2014 Crazywell & BurratorDartmoorResults Article
2013Quantock Forest NorthQuantocksResults Article
2012Croydon HillDunsterResults Article
2011from St AudriesQuantocks WResults Articles
2010from Ramscombe
Quantocks C

20 years of long O

20 years of long O
Credit: alex80, Pixabay


2016 - 17Rosie WychM Longhurst & M Atkins DEV
2007 - 15Rosie WychMartin Longhurst Article
2003 - 07Andy RimesAndy Rimes
1997 - 2003Arthur VinceArthur Vince

Bill Vigar has produced the maps (and much more besides) since the initial Long O.

Bob Lloyd has obtained the permissions.