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Orienteering links

Last edited: Wed 29 Nov 2017

A collection of links to different aspects of orienteering.

Our Regional Association and Neighbouring Clubs

SWOA - South West Orienteering Association

Orienteering Services

Attackpoint - Online athlete forum and training log

Catching Features - Computer game

Compass Point - Orienteering equipment and clothing supplier

CompassSport - Natonal Orienteering magazine

Condes - Course planning software

Fabian4 - Online entry service

National Orienteering Centre

Nopesport - Online Orienteering Community

OCAD - Orienteering map making and course planning software

RouteGadget UK



Sport Software

Ultrasport - Orienteering equipment and clothing supplier

Winsplits Online

Other Links

Clubmark is the Sport England cross sport quality accreditation for clubs with junior sections.

SINS is the newsletter of the south west's orienteering association

Popular O sites - explained (Berkshire OC's guide)