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South West League (SWOL)

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Last edited: Sat 16 Sep 2023

The annual regional league for the south west, running from September to Spring based on scores from a series of colour-coded events.

Each of the nine SWOA member clubs take it turn to host one of these events, previously referred to by their Swedish name of 'Galoppen'.

The South West League trophies

The South West League trophies
Credit: Trevor Bridle

The South West League attracts those looking to challenge themselves against the better orienteers in the region and explore new and varied terrain.

The magnificent trophies pictured were handcrafted c.2010 by the late Dave Holmes, a QO stalwart.

For both a current season calendar and reviews of previous series, see the links below

2022-23Final Scores
2021-22Final Scores
2020-21No League
Final Scores
2018-19ReviewFinal Scores
Final Scores
2015-16Review Final Scores
2014-15Review Final Scores
2013-14Review Prize winners
Final Scores
Prize winners
Final Scores

* missing from SWOA website

More links

SW League page on SWOA website - NB its event calendar might not be up-to-date

Full list of trophy winners

QO's record in SW League / Galoppens- history to 2014