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Beat the Trail

Beat The Trail Lydeard Hill 2020 01 26

Beat The Trail Lydeard Hill 2020 01 26

Last edited: Fri 10 Jan 2020

This is a 7km trail race ... with a twist.

The course is fully waymarked on paths and tracks, so you can Follow the Trail if you want. Between the start and the finish there are about a dozen checkpoints that you have to visit.

You'll be given an electronic timer that you 'dib' into these checkpoints to provide a split time.

Now for the twist - if you find a shortcut between the checkpoints, you can take it and Beat the Trail. Perhaps you'll make it shorter, or maybe cut out a hill climb. It's up to you.

Entry costs £10 for an adult and £5 for a junior. This includes a waterproof trail map you can take home afterwards and the lone of an electronic timer for the event, as well as public third party liability insurance.

You can start any time between 11:00 and 13:00. Please make sure you arrive by 12:30 so you have time to register before the Start closes. It would really help at registration if you bring along a completed copy of our registration form (here) - don't worry too much about the first row as we can help with that on the day.

The trails on the Quantocks can be slippery and muddy, especially if it’s been wet. You are strongly advised to wear trail shoes, or at least robust road shoes with a reasonable amount of grip.

In the event of particularly bad weather we may require you to wear a waterproof top, so please come equipped to do so if the weather looks bad.

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