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What to Wear

Neil and Jana model the QO top

Neil and Jana model the QO top

Last edited: Sun 7 Jun 2020

A quick guide to the essential, and optional, clothing and equipment for orienteering.

Things to Bring

  • Comfortable clothes and footwear for walking or running in, that you don’t mind getting dirty. We do not recommend wearing shorts as you could get cuts and scratches. Read more on What To Wear Orienteering.
  • A compass if you have one - not strictly necessary but will make navigating much easier. You can borrow one when you get there.
  • A whistle is a useful safety measure if you get lost or injured. Again, you can borrow one.
  • Money to pay your entry fee, unless you've already paid online.
SI card or "dibber"

SI card or "dibber"

Things you will be Given on Arrival

  • A map.
  • A "dibber" or a control card - a dibber is an electronic device that records when you go to a control, a control card is a manual equivalent.
  • Control descriptions - but these are really only used by experienced orienteers.