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Last edited: Sun 10 Apr 2022

To many, it can takes years to put names to faces in our sport! Such people could be the helpers we see at QOFLs and the runners in the results lists. With this in mind, we ran a series of questionnaire "interviews" in our club newsletter the QuOnicle a few years back. If you fancy helping revive the series, please read on...

Would you like to be featured?

If so, simply pick from the questions from the interview in the link below and send your answers to the web admin email address on the Contacts page.

If there are any you don't want to answer, simply leave them out. Similarly, if you can think of any better ones, you can include those.

Further below are links to existing member profiles.

  • How long have you been orienteering?
  • When did you join Quantock Orienteers? Any previous clubs?
  • How did you get into the sport?
  • Hobbies or other sports?
  • Do you train?
  • Best & worst orienteering moments or runs
  • Best & worst things about orienteering?
  • Favourite area? QO area?
  • Are you more of a runner or a navigator?
  • Any pre / post event routine?
  • Your helper role at our events?
  • Who do you most appreciate (or admire) in our club or sport?
  • Favourite O clothing? Footwear? Compass type (thumb or bassplate)?
  • Favourite film, TV or music type?
  • Orienteering ambitions?
  • What three words? to describe yourself
  • Occupation