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Chip Lane to Longrun

MapRun course

River Tone, near Frieze Hill

River Tone, near Frieze Hill
Credit: Derek Harper

Last edited: Wed 16 May 2018

Our third course in the area surrounding our club house (COACH) in French Weir Park. It takes in the country park of Longrun, French Weir Park, North Town, Frieze Hill and Roughmoor.

The course was launched at our final Club Night of the 2017/18 season.

Frieze Hill, N of Longrun

Frieze Hill, N of Longrun
Credit: OOM

Background information (links)

Please read the following general details before attempting the courses.

They tell you what to do, how to get there and where to start your run etc.

Info common to all our Maprun courses

Info common to all our Longrun courses

Course details

There are currently two courses.

Event referenceChip Lane Longrun PXAS ScoreQ40
Course mapDownload here (v1.1, 16 Mar 2018)
InstructionsDownload here (includes checkpoint descriptions)
PIN controlNone- it's open access
Start and finish locationIs towards the bottom of the course map, in French Weir Park- see photo illustrations below
Start is a lamp post immediately to the S of the COACH building
Finish* is a bench on the north east side of the park.
Terrain descriptionCountry and urban parkland, residential streets, civic amenities, car parks and riverside path network.
SafetyBeware of multiple traffic and water hazards (rivers, flood basins and a pond).
Area is bisected by a main road running from North to East.
Suitable crossing points are shown on the map.
There are also alleyways and open fields.
Time limit40 minutes
Optimum route5.5 km
Max points500
Controls 24, consisting of:
6 x 10-pointers = 60
10 x 20-pointers = 200
8 x 30-pointers = 240
Map scale1:5,000 (or 1cm for every 50m)
Mapsourced from Open Orienteering Maps, with selective map updates made Mar 2018 using Open Street Map

* please be careful not to go near the Finish once you've started- otherwise your race will end early!

Location of Start control

Location of Start control
Credit: Photo- COACH website

Location of the Finish control

Location of the Finish control
Credit: Google Earth,edited

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