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Blackbrook, with Holway North

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Blackbrook Excerpt

Blackbrook Excerpt

Last edited: Tue 1 Jan 2019

Open between Sundays 12 and 19 August

Starting and finishing at the Liseux Way shopping parade, this course takes in two housing estates each with a dense network of paths.


Those running at the Southern Sprints are also welcome to drop by and have a go at this course but if you need advice please contact those named on the summer series page rather than ask at the Sprints event.

To reward you for your efforts in this series, we've arranged for the Finish to be adjacent to a pub/ restaurant! Or there's the Chinese takeaway or the Tescos on the small shopping parade.



The Blackbrook & Holway area has been well quite well used in the decade since it was mapped: we've had daytime scores, JOG (junior group) courses, a 2x2 relay (with teams of two) and even an after-dark score there.

Access & facilities

Location mapClick here. Tip: choose Open Street Map
DirectionsAccessed from the A38, via Lisieux Way
ParkingAt the shopping parade with Tesco Extra, opposite the Master Thatcher pub. Adjacent to the Start and Finish
ToiletsFor customers, Master Thatcher pub, opposite the shopping parade.
Taunton town centre (click for list)

Course details

Course mapDownload here
Information sheet
see Street Series article for download.

Tip: print on the reverse of your map

PIN codeOpen access
Start and finish locationStart- on the footpath through the passthrough at the East end of the parade.
Finish- the tree outside the entrance to the Master Thatcher pub.
TipAvoid going within 20m of the Finish during your run, or else your run may finish early! The Finish won't trigger on the way to your first control though.
Terrain descriptionA variety of residential streets with an excellent path network and much parkland.
Time limit45 minutes
Optimum route length6.25 km
Controls 30 of equal value (20 points each)
Max score600 points. 10 points deducted for every minute late.
Map scale1:5,000 (or 1cm for every 50m)
MapProduced in OCAD for a summer series in 2009.

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