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Results processing

including Routegadget

Brian P (with Andy R, our SI manager)

Brian P (with Andy R, our SI manager)
Credit: Andy Johnson

Last edited: Sun 19 Aug 2018

This section lists the files and other information required by the results processing team, as soon as possible after events.

The event organiser, SI manager and planner (or controller) all have access to the information the results team need and so should be aware of the following.

Brian Pearson is our Results Secretary. His club email address is:

The information required by Brian, or whoever is doing the processing, is:

AutoDownload- exports

AutoDownload- exports

for Results (SportsIdent or SI)

choose HTML Results from the Results menu- see the circled item in red on the screenshot.

for Routegadget

(Routegadget allows competitors to post their routes after events)

  • Purple Pen .ppen file & background map. Note: if the planner has been using a very out-of-date map, then I can request a second map from the mapper but there is extra processing

Results files from AutoDownload (our SI software)- please choose the following options within the Results section:

  • Export OE file (for upload to BOF)
  • Export for Routegadget > IOF XML v2.0.3

For information on how to set up Routegadget, see these videos

for QOFL league

The league scorers use the results from the website when we know they are final.

for British Orienteering website

We require: British Orienteering membership numbers for all competitors.

For our own members, we have a database.

For members of other clubs, we rely on those people filling in their registration slip fully, as there is a space for their BOF number.

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